10 Tips For Staying Sober At Parties This Summer

10 Tips for Staying Sober At Parties In Summer
Here are some of the best tips for staying sober at parties this summer.

Summer is now here.  The sun shines all day and the nights are filled with excitement, making it the perfect time of year to socialize, entertain, and to finally let loose.  From graduation parties to backyard barbecues and neighborhood cookouts to late night bonfires, it’s time to have some fun.  Living in sobriety does not mean your social life has to end.  All it means is that your lifestyle does not involve drugs or alcohol anymore. So, we are here to help you have the best summer ever. Here are some of the best tips for staying sober at parties this summer.  No need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Sober parties in recovery
Going to parties with your sober friends, sponsor, or other people in recovery can make a huge difference.

Whether you are going to a family reunion or on vacation to kick back and relax, you are bound to witness drinking and drugging at parties and events this summer.   That does not mean you have to participate in those activities.  Who made the rule that you have to be high in order to have fun?  You can still be the life of the party without being stoned or tipsy. In fact, you will actually remember everything that happens.  Being sober is the perfect time to make those memories that you will never forget.  Here is what you have been waiting for: the 10 best tips for staying sober at parties all summer long.    

10 Tips For Staying Sober At Parties

  1. Use The Buddy System.To make you feel more comfortable, take a friend with you.  It’s known as the buddy system.  Having a sober friend by your side can be an enormous help if you happen to get yourself in an unpleasant situation.  Not only can you hold each other accountable but, you got each other’s back just in case one of you may be tempted to do something you would later regret.
  2. People, Places, and Things.There is a valid reason for everything that you learn in addiction recovery treatment.  Especially, when they tell you to change people, places, and things.  Although, for some people changing all of those things is not even possible. Not everyone can just pick up and relocate. You may have a family of your own, kids have school, job security, and so much more.  That being said,  if you are still living in the same place, be responsible and use common sense.

    For example, don’t go to a party if a known dealer will be present.  If you are a recovering alcoholic, you should stay away from bars.  Don’t go to any place where you are certain people are going to be publicly using drugs.  This stands true for addicts in every phase of recovery. Do not put yourself in a bad situation from the beginning.  It’s a relapse waiting to happen.

  3. Designated DriverUse your sobriety responsibly.  If you are at a party and you have friends that are under the influence.  Don’t let them drive.  Name yourself the designated driver.  Not only can this save their life but, it could also save an innocent passerby from a horrific situation.  By now, everyone should know the importance of not driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs.

    If you have a friend that thinks they are above everyone else and can drive impaired.  Do your best to stop them from leaving but, don’t put yourself in jeopardy.  The people that do let you drive them home will hail you as their hero.  That is a great feeling.

  4.  Ask QuestionsI want you to think back to your childhood days for a moment. Remember, back in the day when you had to ask your parents for permission to go to a friend’s house or to a classmate’s party?  Well, I want you to approach this the exact same way.  Ask the host of the party all the questions you can think of.

    Who’s going to be there?
    Where is the event taking place?
    Will there be drinking?
    Will there be drugs?


  5. Sober Drink

    This is a simple trick to use if you are at a party that involves alcohol. People will continuously offer you a drink.  So, instead of repeating yourself all night long, try this simple trick.  Make yourself a non-alcoholic drink at the start of the party.  So, when people offer you a drink, you say “No thanks, I got one”.
    As a bonus tip, don’t let anyone get you a non-alcoholic drink, you could be in for a not so nice surprise.
  6.  Exit StrategyThis is one of the most important tips for staying sober at parties and it is essential to your recovery.  Always have an exit strategy mapped out and be ready to use it.  If you feel super uncomfortable or begin to feel triggered to use then, there is only one thing you can do.  Leave. Simply, just leave.
  7.  Be PreparedNot only do you have to have a quick exit plan ready but you need to prepare yourself.  This is another one of the most essential tips for staying sober at parties.  If you are not fully prepared for what is about to come then, you could easily relapse.  People are going to offer you drinks and possibly other substances.  If you refuse, they are going to ask why.  It is your choice if you want to explain your recovery or not. Some people will be happy for you while other’s may feel offended.  If that happens, it is best to use your exit strategy and remove yourself from the party.  If you choose to stay, people will continuously bother you with offers and questions throughout the night.
  8. New To RecoveryWithout a doubt, the first year in recovery is the hardest. Don’t set yourself up for failure or a potential relapse.  Stay focused on your main goal, your top priority, which is staying clean.  If you are at a party and you see drugs and alcohol then it’s best to immediately leave to ensure the safety of your sobriety.
  9. SupportHave your sponsor’s or a sober friend’s number on speed dial.  Call or text them if you have any urges, triggers, or feelings to discuss. Sometimes it’s nice just to hear that familiar voice of someone you know that is doing amazing things in recovery to put you back in the right state of mind.

    If the party is simply too much, then use your exit strategy and go home.  Pick up the phone and go to a meeting.  There are even meetings you can attend online.

  10. You Are Not AlonePlease remember, you are not alone.  I guarantee there will be at least one other person at the party who is not using drugs or drinking alcohol.  There are many more people in recovery than you probably realize.  Trust me, you are not the only one.


    Sober Activities for Summer
    Coming up with activities and getting creative with your sobriety can be fun and the memories will actually last forever.

    Party Sober!

It would make perfect sense to avoid these types of events altogether. Unfortunately for people in recovery, drugs and alcohol are everywhere.  People drink a glass of wine or have a beer to unwind in the evening.  Teens and young adults smoke marijuana regularly.  You could walk into a public restroom and see people using illegal substances.  You can’t spend your life hiding. Especially since you are now truly living. Implement these tips for staying sober at parties and you will stay true to your recovery.

Don’t think your life is over since you are now in recovery.  In fact, take advantage of all that sobriety has to offer.  Get a sponsor and home group.  NA and AA host tons of events and parties throughout the year. So, don’t hold back.  Most importantly, be safe and have fun. I hope these 10 tips for staying sober at parties will make this summer the best yet.  Always be prepared and you will be ready if the situation arises.